Awakening the Creative Strategist

Self-proclaimed Creative Strategist as of last week. Why Not?! Apart from being a Writer and a Sr Creative, I want the world to know {even at Pitcairn Island, the most remote island} that I'm up for a Creative Strategist role. Why is that? a. You can blame International Women's Day posts for popping on my … Continue reading Awakening the Creative Strategist

I was Vikki Ross for a day

Not today. Today is Vikki's bday which means it's officially #InternationalVikkiRossDay (party, bday cake emoji). Keep forgetting your best friend's bday (even with a Facebook notification), disremembering your Mum's age, or muddling your kids' names but... never ever forget 22.10.22 I had the honour to be Vikki for a day, not like the 'Single White … Continue reading I was Vikki Ross for a day

Lively time

Last summer I went back to Colombia after 4 years. Yes, four years of flight cancellations due to Covid-19. People couldn't believe I hadn't seen my family for such a long time, it sounds mad when I see my British family almost every weekend. I guess technology works in my favour and change is an … Continue reading Lively time

Who gives a crap

I do. We got a delivery -not from Amazon- of 48 toilet rolls today. Usually, people feel ashamed of carrying toilet paper around, but here I am writing about it. The start-up Who Gives a Crap made toilet paper cool, eco-friendly, and most importantly, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and … Continue reading Who gives a crap