Awakening the Creative Strategist

Self-proclaimed Creative Strategist as of last week. Why Not?! Apart from being a Writer and a Sr Creative, I want the world to know {even at Pitcairn Island, the most remote island} that I’m up for a Creative Strategist role. Why is that?

a. You can blame International Women’s Day posts for popping on my feed with all these quotes by inspiring women like Coco Chanel.

b. Shots talking to ex W+K Colleen DeCourcy about her creative path and the possibility that we are changeable, always pushing ourselves, adapting and growing. That defines our own evolution. “If I wasn’t in advertising and could be equally successful in another profession I would choose to be a foreign correspondent”, Colleen says.

c. The extraordinary Cindy Gallop shaking things up, this time not looking for empowering {as we overused that term} but for real change. Pay, promote, hire, invest in… – and don’t just say it, DO IT.

d. The discovery of Sonder & Tell looking for a Strategist and me thinking “That’s definitely me” & “I’ve done that” in all the bullet points -but with a bigger salary as experience counts. The S&T view on strategy and words is no secret. As they say, these two are necessary, intertwined, inseparable? Absolutely. Like Tea and cake, Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, Mario and Luigi… you should read their recent newsletter to know a few of the traits that unite writers and strategists. Here are two that stood out to me:

  • A good strategy needs great words to make sense. And it needs to inspire great words to be created as a result. One can’t exist without the other. 
  • Getting to the right strategy and getting to the right words mean doing the same thing: killing a lot of your ideas.

e. A chat with Sally & Jo. Words have energy and the power of face-to-face conversations even more. So it could have been one of those chats that I’ve had with some friends, a storm of ideas and next steps, reminding me to conquer the world like I used to. Btw you need to keep these people forever, they are relentless and have a contagious energy.

So what was the reason for changing? a, b, c… all of the above, none of the above? I think it is just me looking for trouble, leaving my comfort zone, wanting to add another duty to my headline and joining the rise of multihyphenates after listening to too many Emma Gannon‘s podcast episodes. Which closed down btw so find her newslettter}

So dear Strategists, Agencies, In-house and Brands: let’s combine forces, dance together and complot. Witness my awakening through my work, not just my words. Let’s get that inbox flooding and the phone ringing, I want to work with the best. I’m not your typical Strategist and that’s the best thing I can bring to the table.

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