A voice in your ear

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a campaign for Gordon’s at Anomaly London. I should say ‘We’ as I work in a Creative Team with my very talented Lucy Barker-Yates (Martha & Lucy). Presentation day was almost there and I kept thinking I wanted to create the best 10 seconds radio spots you could ever listened to. So I went back to the document and worked some more options and stayed up until late, who knew ten second ideas can take longer ah!?. Some would say 10 seconds doesn’t matter. Although, my inner voice was telling me to work more, even if next day the first comment was “We don’t need any more radio”.

It’s important to listen to yourself and follow your instincts. and that is what matters. Some people are saving lives, others are creating the latest tech, changing the world, or others like me trying to make 10 seconds worth it. Whatever you are doing, more than ever, listen to yourself.

That reminded me of this great campaign for Audible. A voice in your ear can take you anywhere.

Audible. ‘Where are you?

Agency: Fold7
Creatives: Gate Lambert, Dan Fryer
Producer: Imogen Bell
Sound engineers: Jim Griffin and Rick Morris, Jungle


Juliet Where are you? Are you in bed?

Or are you leaving the first human footprint on Mars?

Are you jogging?

Or are you about to pull off the heist of the century?

Are you in your car?

Or are you praying those red eyes in the darkness can’t see you?

A voice in your ear can take you anywhere.

VO: Audible. Get your first audiobook for free and feel every word. £7.99 a month after 30-day trial. Starts automatically. Terms apply.

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