A LinkedIn suggestion

Last week I was reunited with a friend I met via LinkedIn. Back in 2013, LinkedIn suggestions led her to see my profile, then I got a message from Carolina Jaramillo. I was happy to find out it wasn’t one of those FREE Linkedin Premium offers nor an automated newsletter subscription. It was a nice message from a girl that checked my Bio, read my blog… [which gave her an idea of my personality, not sure which one] so she decided to get in touch. We were both Colombians (still are), with previous experience in ad agencies, trying to find our way into the UK industry.

I’m always up for a chat so we met. Pizza + wine + chat, what’s not to like. We became good friends and got together to brainstorm, apply for jobs, and the most important task: to keep strong the ‘Never give up mindset’, we call each other Publifriend. Almost 10 years later, we crossed paths again and laughed while telling stories and realizing how different our journeys became, despite having a similar starting point.

Long story short. She worked at Google London, left to travel the world, changed her career path and is now a Healthy Living Coach with a fulfilling journey guiding people to improve their lifestyle. Most of the time, the dream job is getting a seat at that top company, having a powerful headline role, or climbing the career ladder faster. I love hearing all the stories but everybody has a different journey, some will get the job the day after coming to London, others will never stop job hunting, some will keep exploring, others will love to stay in a place forever, some will start again from zero after being at the top and others will want to be their own bosses. I reckon the dream is to stop comparing ourselves with others.

Thanks LinkedIn for the suggestion. It worked.

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