Presenting at Snapchat

Last week, team Martha & Lucy presented a campaign at Snapchat London. We were nominated by Tejali Shete (we met at Creative Comeback 2020, she is currently ACD at Grey London) and we are super proud of her!! Yeeey, Go Tejali! And she is proud of us too, that’s why she called us to be one of the 13 teams participating at SCC 2021. There are too many acronyms in the ad industry, you should know about SCC.

SCC stands for Snapchat Creative Council, an initiative born in 2020 (as well as lots of babies) by Snap and Creative Equals. The idea is to bring a diverse group of Creatives to use Snapchat tools and develop creative solutions for a current societal issue. This year the brief was about Generation Z and the lack of jobs during the pandemic.

After playing with the app for weeks (with kids and without), researching, testing on Gen Z’ers and getting lots of support from Snapchat’s creative strategy team, we found and fine-tuned our idea and we were ready. Wednesday was presentation day! It was so exciting to be there IRL (don’t feel old if you have to Google it), we were finally at the Snapchat building, like tourists taking a pic with every yellow background and the Snap logo [haha I love my team, we just enjoy every moment and complement each other’s silly ideas]. We had a great welcome by the Snapchat team and got to know the faces behind the emails. I guess after all this remote working, we were overexcited meeting people, specially other creatives, it’s so inspiring just to see the different personality types at a glance, the energy of the place was amazingly filled with different backgrounds and minds working together, having a laugh minutes before presenting and trying not to sneak into the previous team’s presentation. 4:15 pm, a sip of fizzy cucumber water and then -“Martha & Lucy, it’s your turn…”

How did it go? We don’t know until next week. (Suspense music). Despite the early trains to London, and the rehearsals, I keep thinking I didn’t present the idea as well as I would have loved to. When I tell people I’m shy they don’t believe it, me neither. Thank goodness we were in teams because Lucy is very confident, always super calm when presenting ideas while my heart is pounding and my brain try to bring some jokes to calm myself down. Not sure if you have any Colombian friends but we are good at laughing at ourselves. I tend to do a circus, and if I could, a dance with the audience LOL, but I stopped myself on that day. Too many zoom meetings made me shy? I don’t think so. Not sure why but I didn’t unleash the real Martha.

Anyway, the real problem is not me, neither my sudden panic at presenting. The real problem was written on the first page of the brief and we found a great solution for it, where AR brings real positive change. This time I will let the work speak for itself. Next time I will make sure the work is presented, understood and loved, in the same way it was created.

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