I was Vikki Ross for a day

Not today. Today is Vikki’s bday which means it’s officially #InternationalVikkiRossDay (party, bday cake emoji).

Keep forgetting your best friend’s bday (even with a Facebook notification), disremembering your Mum’s age, or muddling your kids’ names but… never ever forget 22.10.22

I had the honour to be Vikki for a day, not like the ‘Single White Female’ film, less scary and a lot more fun. I was Vikki on Twitter for a day. It all started with a message to Vikki on Linkedin for some Copywriting wisdom/links/courses/everything and she kindly replied with the best links and advice plus ‘BTW do you fancy taking over my Twitter feed next month?’

(ahhhhhh happy screaming noise)

She invited me to take part of #TwitterTakeover. An event happening on the 8th of every month, when Vikki shares her feed with copywriters all around the world to give them some visibility. I was Miss June and here are my tweets, Thanks Vikki for the challenge & Feliz cumpleaños!

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