The Simpsons Couch gags

I love unpredictable things and The Simpsons is one of them. They have been on the air for more than 22 years. Since its debut on December 17, 1989, the show has broadcast 489 episodes and the twenty-third season started airing in September 2011. The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom and American animated program. … Continue reading The Simpsons Couch gags

How to shuffle

There are many meanings for the word shuffle: mixing the cards, mixing random songs, The Goonies and The Truffle Shuffle, and the overplayed Party Rock that says "Everyday I'm shuffling..." which for me means moving your feet amazingly fast. The whole year of the Masters I listened to this song in every party, all pubs, … Continue reading How to shuffle

My blog is jealous

Early this year, I discovered a group on Linkedin called World Female Creative Directors. I started joining their chats and found interesting articles. They have a website connecting their community with famous Creative Directors around the globe The look is completely feminine, the design is delicate and flawless and the content is quite varied, … Continue reading My blog is jealous

Should a Digital Marketing Program include jump training?

We went to a very nice trip in West Wittering, in the south west of England. One of the nicest beaches I have found here. You know foreign people, we love to travel around. My friend Udipta picked the place, and there we were. He has been asking me for this video every week. So … Continue reading Should a Digital Marketing Program include jump training?

Does Mr. Bean has a British accent?

The first British I've ever met was on TV and he was Mr. Bean. I could understand all episodes without knowing any single word of English (apart from the classic verb "to be" verb conjugation). I just had to look at the gestures and that's it, easy! Our conversations were simple, I watched and I … Continue reading Does Mr. Bean has a British accent?

First Impression? Let’s try a last impression

After been interviewed at Warner Music offices, I realized that 20 min. are not enough to tell people about you.  Some people say on a job interview you have up to 7 seconds to make a good impression, and some generous writers say up to 30 seconds. What? Should I carry a stopwatch for the … Continue reading First Impression? Let’s try a last impression

100 things you can do in Module C

Finally 17th of June. Today we finished Module C and is Friday so is a plus to celebrate. Despite the fact I am exhausted, this has been my favorite module so far. These weeks have been very challenging; first, started this Blog, then started a Fan Page, then 4 assignments for Ecommerce, including visiting shops, … Continue reading 100 things you can do in Module C