How to shuffle

There are many meanings for the word shuffle: mixing the cards, mixing random songs, The Goonies and The Truffle Shuffle, and the overplayed Party Rock that says “Everyday I’m shuffling…” which for me means moving your feet amazingly fast.

The whole year of the Masters I listened to this song in every party, all pubs, all Music Channels, everywhere. I was always thinking – “Next time I will learn how to dance to it properly just like the LMFAO guys”, it is not my big mission in life but it would be fun if I could do it – sadly I never got the time. It happens the same way with many issues; you want to be well read but don’t dedicate time to finish that book, you keep enjoying that cake that your friend made but you don’t try to cook one yourself, you want to become a more knowledgeable Google Analytics user but you don’t take the free lessons at Conversion University , you want to be a successful Marketing Consultant but you are still waiting for clients to come. How many times have you kept looking at colleagues work with fascination, thinking: “I wish I had done that” – quite a few right? It’s easier applauding others than thinking what to do to excel.

Every now and then you deserve a round of applause. So start from today! You will find many excuses out there to delay your plans but you will find a ways to accomplish at least one.

They say there is a first step for everything. Let’s go step by step.

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