100 things you can do in Module C

Finally 17th of June.

Today we finished Module C and is Friday so is a plus to celebrate. Despite the fact I am exhausted, this has been my favorite module so far. These weeks have been very challenging; first, started this Blog, then started a Fan Page, then 4 assignments for Ecommerce, including visiting shops, buying online, calling customer services, researching, speaking and writing in a Masters level.  That made me think every word I was putting on it. Not that I didn’t care before, but this time I knew someone was reading thoughtfully and knew exactly the weakest parts.

To give you a grasp of what I did during May and June, take a big breath and read this paragraph in one go. I was reading articles from Clay Shirky and Susan Currie Sivek, among others, filming videos in supermarkets, getting banned for Security guy, got some skills at editing videos on iMovie, other skills doing slides in Photoshop, wrote 750 words for a brand review, then other 1000 words from customer’s perspective and then 2 emails of 500 word, one to my immediate boss and the other one to the company that I was assessing. I kept improving my vocabulary, started my own English-Spanish dictionary, had group meetings with Ecommerce team, ate crisps, cookies and more crisps from Sainsburys and got inspired by a couple of wine bottles, researched about Jessops (the camera retailer), about trends showing that mobile devices are taking part of the market, tried to connect on LinkedIn with Simon Joseph, Head of Group E-commerce at Jessops, then had 4 more meetings to do brainstorming and finally the fabulous meeting with all ideas taking shape. I sang “Your song” with a Brazilian Elton John called Eduardo and then got stuck in my head Coyote song http://bit.ly/jXzWKU for a whole week, actually still on. Carry on with the list, I felt like a Granny getting used to sleep 3 or 4 hours and then waking up at 6 am, headed to School by train, had meeting in the morning with Social Media team, searched for social media activity in Brandwatch, learned how to start a project there, thought of a theme to start a community on Facebook, drank 6 teas per lecture and 4 Frapuccino chocolate in the week Starbucks had them on happy hour. Furthermore, had meetings with my Digital Publishing team to create a story, created a video to motivate people to create one, then 3 hours of filming, 2 of editing and 5 green apples eaten. Stayed at Hult till late every day and 3 Sundays in a row. After leaving school at 11pm; I lost my fear of being alone in empty and dark buildings, but not my nervous few minutes before presenting. I wore smart code clothes 3 times in a week which is not common, I listened Artic Monkeys and drew a storyboard with the lyrics, had been interviewed twice and failed twice, have found some briefs online that are going to join my list of THINGS TO DO. And lately, I started reading “Eat that frog”, where Bryan Tracy says: don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.

First thing for today: finishing this post.


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