The value of nothing

I usually keep myself busy. Personally I prefer that feeling and I believe most people do too. We like the feeling that we are good at something and that is why we spend our day doing it, we go to our jobs, we feel we are needed there, so when the night comes we feel good that we didn’t waste our time and we did something productive.

Nevertheless “Productive” has different meanings for every person, even for online dictionaries.


Adjective: 1. Producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.

In this case, machines will be productive, farmers too, but we won’t. There are other meanings for this word but to summarize we have to produce, produce, produce! The problem is that we have to produce something good, that is what differentiate us from machines, we are humans and we are able to make plans.

I came to London a couple of weeks ago and my mind kept asking me for a plan, from the moment I landed. (actually it was from the moment I knew I had a flight).  I think before you start a plan, you need to have a blank page in order to sketch.

So while looking for that blank space in my mind, I walked, I slept, I went to galleries, I met relatives, met friends, I went to digital events, went twice to Google Campus, I re-started reading a book, I watched TV, I was online, I changed my phone, I took some pictures, and more pictures, I thought of concepts to change my blog, I updated my portfolio, I joined the gym, I checked notebooks and tons of links that were on my ‘to do’ list, I cooked for the first time with oyster and black bean sauce, and I did this and that.

And I realized when you do nothing, your mind appreciates the value of doing nothing, because it’s never at rest.

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