We say Colombia not Columbia

Today is my country’s independence day: 20th July (just 4 days after my bday). I decided to tribute my beautiful Colombia by explaining to the world some simple facts:

1. We spell it COLOMBIA [with O not U]

2. Colombia is located in South America, the first country on the left.

3. We speak Spanish – not “Colombian” as some people think.

4. We do have cities – not only jungle, like on the news. We do have Shopping centers, buildings and everything that great cities have.

5. The capital city is Bogota, is better if you pronounce it with the emphasis on the a.

6.Most people say Colombia must be hot, mmm yes and no. We have all types of weather; Bogotá is cold (15°C) but if you travel for an hour by car you will be in 40°C heat. It depends on the altitude.

I believe you can’t judge a country you haven’t been to, so get your flip flops ready and visit us, you will be welcomed. A UK filmmaker just did it and this is the result of his holiday, I found it fantastic. I think it’s the first time a foreigner has seen my country with Colombian eyes.

Gracias! @Ed_Beck @davidcmead @mbfilmsuk

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