Finding a hobby will find you a job

My 2013 resolutions have led me to read some articles about decision making, time management, career progression and other self-help advice that I thought only worked for Bridget Jones. I read that employers are more interested in what you do in your spare time than in your 9 to 5 routine. That means they look … Continue reading Finding a hobby will find you a job

Escribir sin pensar

Siempre he pensado que uno tiene que pensar antes de hablar pero no antes de escribir. Los mejores escritos salen sin filtro, no tienen razón, no tienen 10 revisiones de texto, ni buscan los temas del momento; no les importa alcanzar la fama, convertirse en un Best Seller o quedar olvidados en una mesa de … Continue reading Escribir sin pensar

7 tips to become professional at Networking

My first networking event in London was JUMP 2010. My classmates and I got the tickets through our grad school. It was our opportunity to meet professional contacts and to show to the world the first generation of Digital Marketers from Hult. We were so excited about it. We put our best clothes on and we … Continue reading 7 tips to become professional at Networking

We say Colombia not Columbia

Today is my country’s independence day: 20th July (just 4 days after my bday).So I decided to tribute my beautiful Colombia explaining to the world some simple facts: 1.We spell it COLOMBIA [with O not U] 2.Colombia is located in South America, the first country on the left. 3.We speak Spanish - not “Colombian” as … Continue reading We say Colombia not Columbia

The Simpsons Couch gags

I love unpredictable things and The Simpsons is one of them. They have been on the air for more than 22 years. Since its debut on December 17, 1989, the show has broadcast 489 episodes and the twenty-third season started airing in September 2011. The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom and American animated program. … Continue reading The Simpsons Couch gags

How to shuffle

There are many meanings for the word shuffle: mixing the cards, mixing random songs, The Goonies and The Truffle Shuffle, and the overplayed Party Rock that says "Everyday I'm shuffling..." which for me means moving your feet amazingly fast. The whole year of the Masters I listened to this song in every party, all pubs, … Continue reading How to shuffle