I was Vikki Ross for a day

Not today. Today is Vikki's bday which means it's officially #InternationalVikkiRossDay (party, bday cake emoji). Keep forgetting your best friend's bday (even with a Facebook notification), disremembering your Mum's age, or muddling your kids' names but... never ever forget 22.10.22 I had the honour to be Vikki for a day, not like the 'Single White … Continue reading I was Vikki Ross for a day

Escribir sin pensar

Siempre he pensado que uno tiene que pensar antes de hablar pero no antes de escribir. Los mejores escritos salen sin filtro, no tienen razón, no tienen 10 revisiones de texto, ni buscan los temas del momento; no les importa alcanzar la fama, convertirse en un Best Seller o quedar olvidados en una mesa de … Continue reading Escribir sin pensar

A beautiful bunch of words from Steve Jobs

Today I found Wordle, a toy for generating “word clouds”. You can paste a bunch of text, enter the URL of any blog or enter a a del.icio.us user name to see their tags. As you can pick fonts, layouts, and color scheme, your cloud is going to look nice. Play and share it! I … Continue reading A beautiful bunch of words from Steve Jobs

How far this post can go

Recently I worked in a project for Jessops, the UK camera retailer. We had to assess the multichannel retailer’s business and present in a ‘consulting style’ our findings and recommendations for improvement/opportunity. My team was very diverse: Betty, a Mexican girl good at planning and really good when it comes to give everyone a voice. … Continue reading How far this post can go

What does Gandhi and an ironing board have in common?

They were both in my assignment for an "eCommerce Essential" class. I had to ask a question online about a product and assess the quality of retailer's response offline and online. Therefore, I wrote a Customer Review Experience; Gandhi's words were in the introduction and the ironing board was the product. "A customer is the … Continue reading What does Gandhi and an ironing board have in common?

How mobile and store are connected

I am attending this module: e-Commerce Essentials.  Despite all my capitalists expectations about transactions, payment methods, retailers, ROI, software, etc. I have learned to look around. Ecommerce can not be effective if we don't understand what is happening out there. We have to spend more time researching about the customer, his habits, access to different … Continue reading How mobile and store are connected

Veux tu aller à Cannes?

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF) is known in an abbreviated and cool way: Cannes. It has been the desired Festival for Creatives. We imagine ourselves winning a precious Golden Lion and walking up the red carpet, surrounded by  CEO's from the biggest agencies in the world asking for your name. Then, imagine yourself … Continue reading Veux tu aller à Cannes?