UK Music Festivals

I am one of those people that always know about a concert; whether the day when happens or days after when there is nothing I can do. This is me, Martha Tolosa in London.

I used to have a friend that knew everything about music in London, Marisol. My friend knew about dj’s, concerts, venues, she was a social butterfly at that time and I was abreast on Clubs. Then, she went back to her country and didn’t get involve in the party world as before.

Let’s bring an example; I love The Killers, when I came to London in August 2009 they had play last week before I arrived, then they went to Colombia on November, but my return ticket was on December. Naaaaaaa

That means: bands are running away from me. Therefore, this time I said: OK, Martica, you can make it while you do your Masters in London. But doing a Masters is so demanding, geeks do not have time for concerts.

Suddenly in my class “Advanced Social Media” we had to start a Fan Page on Facebook, keep updating and gain the most of followers and activity in the next 3 weeks.

So we started a Fan page for people that want to attend the best venues in UK, the performance of fantastic bands and have a memorable summer. Basically for us. If you feel identified, join the Club too.

We will keep you tune with all the music scene in the UK.


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