Book of Dreams

Created by Wieden & Kennedy London for the Honda pitch in 2002.

How beautiful is this piece of writing? I can read it again and again and it’s not even an advert, it’s only one page of the Book of Dreams. Russell Davies, the strategist behind the Honda campaign, wrote a paper about what he did, and why. You can read it on his blog. It’s not a surprise that it won awards.

How did I find it? True is I was doing the dishes and I like that time to be productive, so I started listening to a podcast called On Strategy. My friend Karen -a Creative on her way to become a Brand Strategist- recommended it and she is full of gems. On Strategy is great place to find out the strategy stories behind some of the best campaigns in the world. How many times can I say the word strategy in this paragraph? Three times so far. Anyway, I was listening to the Honda episode. And as soon as the Host started reading that page, I had to pause it, and immortalize it here.

“Funny how we’re always telling the children to grow up. Shouldn’t it be the other way? Look around you. Who are the ones laughing the most? The ones who think that nothing’s difficult. Sure ain’t the grown-ups. It’s the ankle-biters. The ones who get excited by pebbles. The ones who don’t care about money. The ones who run for no reason. They’re the ones with the inside track on life, and all its thrilling possibilities. Jeez, wouldn’t you run too? Most of us were children once. How about we look inside ourselves and go back there again? The only problem? We wouldn’t be able to drive.

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