Show me a good loser

I’ve been finding on LinkedIn interesting stories about people. Not just the new job titles, nor the new account businesses or new launchings. Instead, I’ve been reading the behind the scenes, articles about how someone felt when losing her job (even as a partner of her own company), what crossed her mind, made her stronger and led her to a new venture; or the story when a small agency lost a big business. It’s great to discover all the thinking and feelings before changing your mind and taking the next step.

That’s how I found this inspiring article from Guy Day’s son. Guy Day cofounded Chiat/Day with Jay Chiat in 1968. The agency that created memorable campaigns, including the Macintosh “1984” Super Bowl commercial, for Apple and this wonderful ad when Chiat/Day lost the Honda account.

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”.

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