Spoiler Alert – again?

I’ve been looking at some ad campaigns during this Covid-19 and Spoiler alert is one of my favourites. Students from Miami Ad School in Hamburg, created this clever and straight to the point campaign: If you are out there, you will find billboards spoiling your favourite Netflix shows (Stranger Things, Love is Blind, and Narcos among others). News kept saying is not affiliated with Netflix in any way, but maybe it should.

That’s how I started this article but then when I was looking for the ads in high resolution, I found another Spoiler Alert by Netflix. Uh oh! The one created by Alma DDB, Clio Award Winner back in 2017. Maybe it’s not the same idea, and the coronavirus one tells people about other series and emphasises on the concept of staying at home. Maybe. Moral of the story: always check before launching your idea, and even before falling in love with it.

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