Google has an emotional side

When I think of brands like Google, I think of “Search”. I have the image of that little rectangle where I write any word or sentence, press Enter and ta dah! I found what I needed plus other interesting links.  Google has taught me how to recover my mobile after it sunk in a toilet and how to fix my computer. It helped me finding songs and lyrics(from vallenato till Indie rock – that’s a big gap!), showed me directions on maps, and let me play with its Doodles while telling interesting history facts. Google even has a University if I want to learn about its products. All these things for free! With these, I believe the biggest search engine is effective and practical.

I never thought that Google has an affectionate side. Not until I saw its Google Chrome ad. It is a love story, about a guy trying to get back with his girlfriend by using different resources from the web, gmail, links, docs, things that we use everyday.

My mother usually complains about how we became machines – spending too much time in front of the computer, but when we are on our weekly Skype date, it doesn’t matter. Similarly with my friend who says she is not interested in Facebook, but when I show her some pictures, she can’t help but look at them.  In fact, we are creating relationships through devices and depend on us to dedicate time to both, online and offline life. As Tom Chatfield says “There are beginnings of an attitude that puts digital technology in its place, that defines a role for it within our lives, rather than making its presence merely a given fact of every moment.”

The internet is powerful, I would dare to say, as love. This is why I think BBH found a great concept for its Google Chrome campaign. Love stories are captivating. Although they have usually the same patron, guy meets a girl, vice versa, magic happens and then tragedy, long distance relationship, impossible love, someone gets dumped, meet someone new, etc. What makes each love story different is how it happened to someone. Your love story is completely original because you feel things in a unique way, even if it happens in a restaurant, bar, common or weird place; no one has felt how you felt and won’t.

That’s why I started thinking that LOVE and INTERNET are very alike. They move masses and connect people in a particular way. They need human beings to exist and make them even more powerful. They keep changing, can’t be predicted and the most important thing, evolve. Love can’t behave like the first date and the net can’t be like in 1960. With this age of new media, we could visit the same websites, do things in the same networks, share online tools, click the same buttons, but what changes and gives that uniqueness is the character, you.

As the Google campaign says “The web is what you make of it.” The same applies to love.

One thought on “Google has an emotional side

  1. A Londoner from Afar says:

    Great post. I think that Google is trying to make a point here, basically getting some responsibility off their own back. Many people think of Google as being `the internet´. It is not. It is just another company which we happen to use a lot.

    To be honest, I believe they are right in making this point, because the internet is just a tool that it is designed to make our lives easier – even if they give so many problems!

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