To be continued

Many people have trouble sleeping. In my case… I have a beautiful newborn called Sofia and also keep thinking I need to keep this blog alive. As if life with 2 little girls wasn’t enough, I added another kid to the family: my Blog. Yep, at 2:30am, apart from staring at my baby, catching up on Fb, Instagram and the chats of WhatsApp, all ideas come to mind. Therefore I decided to get rid of these drafts that have been sitting for a while on my WordPress. With few changes and edits, one by one they will overcome their shyness.


I worked with Ariadna US on different digital campaigns for the travel industry. I love travelling, so I considered myself the target. As part of the creative process, I started my research looking for brands that were doing an innovative work in this category.

  • JetBlue. It is not just an airline, it also offers flights, hotels, wheels and more via their JetBlue Getaways, but people didn’t know. That’s why they launched Get Away with it , the first-ever live online game show using Skype.  The show aired five times a day daily for five days and attracted a large audience, reaching fans on real time and promoting the airline’s vacation packages.JetBlue - Get away with it
  • Guy Cotten. French nautical outfitters launched a drowning simulator. Sortie en mer is  a realistic experience in which viewers continuously scroll up a page to stay afloat. Encouraging more people to wear life jackets when they go out at sea. Click on the link and try to stay alive, it’s good exercise to your fingers.

Sortie en mer - Guy Cotten

  • J. Crew.  If you watch “Travel with Style” you are going to fall in love with it [unless you are my brother and don’t care about ads at all]. The idea, shots, music, the way they play with the suits, everything. Casey Neistat is great at doing videos! This one is definitely an innovative way to show the product and a faultless job.

And after all the inspiring bits, I must confess is quite difficult to finish an article that started ages ago. I keep thinking the perfect end…writing and crossing lines (deleting in this case) and I’m still deciding the best way to finish it. Probably this post doesn’t need an end, it needs more practice. Writing is a habit and there is only one way to master it.



“If you love something…”
I’ve heard this sentence since I was about 15. People use it a lot.
We used it when we are dumped, when we are in love with someone and that someone is in love with someone else and the chain continues…and in every cheesy moment that you can think of. That’s how we burnt out a sentence and became it obsolete.
Until someone found a new insight into it. Thanks Miguel & Theo. Beautiful.

Brands are talking, people aren’t.

I usually go to Waterloo on my way to Southbank, one of my favorites places in London; and every time the train arrives, I can’t help looking at all the adverts surrounding the place – normal people usually avoid them, but we, the freaks in advertising, never miss them. You will find billboards everywhere, all along the platforms, brands on the barriers, posters on the walls, by the escalators, people wearing branded costumes, free oyster-card covers, free little pieces of doughnuts and other gifts en route that human beings are too busy or too ashamed to take; last summer I got an ice cream – very nice!

Messages up, down, there…everything seems to talk, except people. We are busy looking at devices, communicating with family or friends in other places, talking to people in other countries, teleporting with music, books or migrating to a different galaxy to discuss with our alter ego. We are in a rush to get somewhere else, rather than where we are at the time.

Why is that? We are mastering online communications, prefer talking to far away people than saying a simple ‘hello’ to the person next to us. We do care about someone tweeting from Singapore, texting from Spain, giving news from NY or posting from London -that’s me- but caring about the neighbour, there is no time! Digital tools are giving us an incredible ability to connect to the world but are we losing our ability to talk? Humanity seems to be more interested in getting likes and shares, another way to talk though, will the next generations respond with a click instead of a nod?

That reminded me of a brand that never says a word: “The boy with tape on his face“. I went last summer to see him and it was hilarious, he didn’t need to speak to make an entire audience laugh and connect with each other. He left the talking to the public by giving them an experience – that is what brands should do, providing memorable moments so when you leave the train station, you are not just going to remember where you are going but what they are talking about.The boy with tape on his face

Google has an emotional side

When I think of brands like Google, I think of “Search”. I have the image of that little rectangle where I write any word or sentence, press Enter and ta dah! I found what I needed plus other interesting links.  Google has taught me how to recover my mobile after it sunk in a toilet and how to fix my computer. It helped me finding songs and lyrics(from vallenato till Indie rock – that’s a big gap!), showed me directions on maps, and let me play with its Doodles while telling interesting history facts. Google even has a University if I want to learn about its products. All these things for free! With these, I believe the biggest search engine is effective and practical.

I never thought that Google has an affectionate side. Not until I saw its Google Chrome ad. It is a love story, about a guy trying to get back with his girlfriend by using different resources from the web, gmail, links, docs, things that we use everyday. Continue reading

My blog is jealous

Early this year, I discovered a group on Linkedin called World Female Creative Directors. I started joining their chats and found interesting articles in their posts. They have a website called connecting their community with famous Creative Directors around the globe. The look is completely feminine, the design is delicate and flawless and the content is quite varied, it’s worth looking at.

I wanted to write an article for them, but all the time I was delaying the task. Because I was busy with assignments, because I was looking for jobs, because I went out, because everytime there was an excuse. And I can tell you, there are thousands stopping us from doing what we want.

Suddenly on my way to Barcelona for a week’s holiday, I remembered that I had to send the email to AdWomen, “Oh yes… I just remembered when I didn’t have any computer or Internet to work on”.  Somehow that idea never left my head on holidays, therefore, as soon as I came back to London I sat myself at the table until I had written a decent article for them. When I finished it, I read it thoroughly and changed my mind. It looked like an article written by a WFCD and I wasn’t one of them yet. So instead, I decided to tell a different story, one of those experiences that people prefer not to mention in a job interview, not even to colleagues. What I call “Unsuccessful stories trying to get the victory”, you may have a couple, I know, everyone does.

Added to this, I proposed to them that I write an article every week, talking about the journey to become a Creative Director. The good news is that they liked it! And instead of just writing an article, I ended up joining the team. So if you have something outstanding, make sure by tomorrow it is ticked.


They stole my idea

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It happens all the time and in many ways. When you work in advertising even more often; you think you have this amazing idea that none in the world can conceive in his head and while you wait for client’s approval or production schedule…. BANG! Someone in Shangai or Australia had the same idea.

That perturbed your relaxing morning. You were sitting in front of the computer, navigating all the ad websites and blogs that your daily routine dictates you. And suddenly find out that your idea is out there!! How come? Someone else had it, produced it and told the world: “I was first”.

You can tell the Art Director next to you…”Charly, remember that idea I told you…… they did it…” You tell your Creative Director, of course, he needs to know how talented you are and that your ideas have an international dimension. You tell the girl at the Coffee Shop and everyone that gets in your way.  So far 3 people, although you have to tell to the maximum of people you can, just to clarify that you were the one that had it FIRST. And what’s the point? While you were wasting your time mourning, others were thinking.

So, start again! Nobody is stealing ideas from you, you are stealing your own time.