Brands are talking, people aren’t.

I usually go to Waterloo on my way to Southbank, one of my favorites places in London; and every time the train arrives, I can’t help looking at all the adverts surrounding the place – normal people usually avoid them, but we, the freaks in advertising, never miss them. You will find billboards everywhere, all along the platforms, brands on the barriers, posters on the walls, by the escalators, people wearing branded costumes, free oyster-card covers, free little pieces of doughnuts and other gifts en route that human beings are too busy or too ashamed to take; last summer I got an ice cream – very nice!

Messages up, down, there…everything seems to talk, except people. We are busy looking at devices, communicating with family or friends in other places, talking to people in other countries, teleporting with music, books or migrating to a different galaxy to discuss with our alter ego. We are in a rush to get somewhere else, rather than where we are at the time.

Why is that? We are mastering online communications, prefer talking to far away people than saying a simple ‘hello’ to the person next to us. We do care about someone tweeting from Singapore, texting from Spain, giving news from NY or posting from London -that’s me- but caring about the neighbour, there is no time! Digital tools are giving us an incredible ability to connect to the world but are we losing our ability to talk? Humanity seems to be more interested in getting likes and shares, another way to talk though, will the next generations respond with a click instead of a nod?

That reminded me of a brand that never says a word: “The boy with tape on his face“. I went last summer to see him and it was hilarious, he didn’t need to speak to make an entire audience laugh and connect with each other. He left the talking to the public by giving them an experience – that is what brands should do, providing memorable moments so when you leave the train station, you are not just going to remember where you are going but what they are talking about.The boy with tape on his face

2 thoughts on “Brands are talking, people aren’t.

  1. let's go crabbing mum says:

    I very much agree that brands seem to be very busy creating lots of background noise. They sort of genuinely think that we really care and are interested in their product’s attributes, when they should be connecting with us, consumers on a different level – creating those memorable moments and making our overdigitalised life easier.

    • martiuk says:

      So true Irina, advertising has to evolve in all the different media and keep adapting to our overdigitalised life, as you said. I read recently that what we need are distractions, maybe Ads can explore that side.

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