Paris is not just about love

I always thought Paris was the city of love – films and perfume adverts planted that idea in my mind. However, when you travel there with a friend, it may change your view.  Instead of romantic cafes we walked to local shops and took food on the go, we didn’t go up to the Eiffel Tower – just took the classic picture with the tower in the background, we didn’t speak any French so we spent 15 minutes trying to get a ticket for the metro in English, Spanish, Italian, even a bit of Latin and miming. We didn’t get a French kiss, instead we met friends from Canada, Mexico, and the US. My suitcase lost a wheel and my friend laughed non-stop, I left my hair curly for the first time – forgetting all the style and couture. That was the Paris that we found, with lots of fun and highlights that are not advertised by tour guides.

Stories are waiting


#wheninParis #wheninParis #wheninParis

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