Move your ass

Yes, this blogpost is for people like you and me, that keep having a sedentary life in front of the computer.

Last weekend my friends planned a trip to the Jurassic Coast, not the park. When I heard the word ‘coast’ I immediately thought of the beach, sea, relaxing, coco-loco and sun. However my thoughts changed quickly when discussing it further  – as we were actually going there to walk. We went by car, stopped at some point and started walking for 2 days.

I take my hat off to Dorset, it is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g place. Blue sea, blue sky, white cliffs, incredible landforms documenting 180 million years of geological history including the natural arch – Durdle Door, no wonder the Jurassic Coast was named as the 5th greatest natural wonder in Britain.

We had a professional sporty friend (everybody should have one), Hugh. He’s an extraordinary guy that likes hiking, cycling, kayaking, all kind of sports and he also likes to have a pint to celebrate every time we reached the next village. Nice!

I realized Hugh has a job, has meetings, has clients, has a family, has children, has problems like everyone but he has no excuses.

If you want to do something, just go and do it. Move your ass.

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