7 tips to become professional at Networking

My first networking event in London was JUMP 2010. My classmates and I got the tickets through our grad school. It was our opportunity to meet professional contacts and to show to the world the first generation of Digital Marketers from Hult. We were so excited about it. We put our best clothes on and we headed to the field.

I remember approaching people, breaking the ice with the classic: “Hi, I’m Martha. Nice to meet you!” supported with a big Colombian smile. People looked at my badge looking for Director, Manager, CEO, President, or who knows. When they found the word “Student”, Fua fua fuaa, they looked disappointed. Continue reading


My name is Martha and I am a Tweetaholic

I love Twitter; although, it submerges me in so much information that I end up spending lots of time looking at it each day. It is an endless excuse to find everything… links, opinions, events, new ads, awards, articles, digital news, locations, quotes, jobs, cool stuff and then finding more blogs and respectively more interesting people to follow, so the cycle starts again.

I recently dropped my Blackberry in the toilet therefore I had to spend a week with a phone from the 90’s, not smart but practical. And I have to confess the thing I missed the most about having the information on the go, was checking Twitter anywhere.

I got used to checking it anytime and anywhere, even before my alarm goes off, it provides my first news of the day. Then I read it when I’m waiting for the train and of course when I’m commuting. If a place gets boring, I start checking my friend Twitter.  However, I’m more of a “Sharer” of inspiring links than a person who details every aspect of their life.

Actually, I’m not a Tweetaholic*. If you know how to use Twitter and  the right tools to check and schedule tweets, you can’t become one. So this is my list of tools to help you control your addiction to Twitter: Continue reading

Predictions for E-commerce, virtual and real money

I just found this assignment that I did a couple of months ago. We had to write a news feature in a journalistic style for possible inclusion in Internet Retailing‘s newsletter. Time passed and I never knew if any of my classmates got the glory and had the article published. Anyway the good part of having my blog is that I can make my assigments  famous here too. I hope you enjoy it.

E-commerce has become an important topic for digital marketers and primarily, retailers.  It has emerged as the most promising industry at global levels, heading towards $1 Trillion; the U.S. and Europe remain as the main contributors into global Ecommerce sales figure. However, latest trends indicate that the Asia Pacific market is holding the key of future business.

You can’t help but wonder what 2011 will usher in for Ecommerce, what will be the next big thing, the emergence of a new method of paying online? What do people derive the most enjoyment from doing: shopping online for real goods, or buying virtual goods for them to utilise in games? Continue reading

How far this post can go

Recently I worked in a project for Jessops, the UK camera retailer. We had to assess the multichannel retailer’s business and present in a ‘consulting style’ our findings and recommendations for improvement/opportunity.

My team was very diverse: Betty, a Mexican girl good at planning and really good when it comes to give everyone a voice. Satomi from Japan, incredible researcher, good at analyzing from a commercial point of view. Olli, a worthy representative of Finland, always evaluating Idea feasibility. Eduardo, smart Brazilian setting the structure with a great background from P&G, And me, Martha, the Colombian creative, bringing insights and looking at challenges from a completely different perspective.

Finally after 8 meetings we had the big idea, a solid structure and consistent data to add the Sustainability Component for the project. We were ready, we had the presentation with Professor Jindal, we had good feedback, grades and we were done.

Although, at a Master’s level, the goal of a Project has to go further than this. Therefore the goal now is to contact someone at Jessops in order to get a meeting to present our Consultancy Report. No phone, not visits, (it would be easier) only online channels; let’s see how far this post can go.

The plan starts today 6th July of 2011. The witnesses are all the readers of this post, so feel free to add your name in the Comments (left side of the post) to join the cause. (Bwt if you know someone at Jessop, share the post)

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Monday, 11th June

So far, nothing. Sorry for disappoint you. I have sent 2 emails to customer services, several messages on Twitter @Jessops . The good news: someone that I don’t know got the link and send it to someone that actually works there, let’s see the power of LinkedIn.

100 things you can do in Module C

Finally 17th of June.

Today we finished Module C and is Friday so is a plus to celebrate. Despite the fact I am exhausted, this has been my favorite module so far. These weeks have been very challenging; first, started this Blog, then started a Fan Page, then 4 assignments for Ecommerce, including visiting shops, buying online, calling customer services, researching, speaking and writing in a Masters level.  That made me think every word I was putting on it. Not that I didn’t care before, but this time I knew someone was reading thoughtfully and knew exactly the weakest parts.

To give you a grasp of what I did during May and June, take a big breath and read this paragraph in one go. Continue reading

What does Gandhi and an ironing board have in common?

They were both in my assignment for an “eCommerce Essential” class. I had to ask a question online about a product and assess the quality of retailer’s response offline and online. Therefore, I wrote a Customer Review Experience; Gandhi’s words were in the introduction and the ironing board was the product.

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises and

he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.

He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it.

He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it.”

I didn’t know Gandhi said that, I guess you neither. This is the good point of reading the blog. Continue reading

How mobile and store are connected

I am attending this module: e-Commerce Essentials.  Despite all my capitalists expectations about transactions, payment methods, retailers, ROI, software, etc. I have learned to look around. Ecommerce can not be effective if we don’t understand what is happening out there. We have to spend more time researching about the customer, his habits, access to different devices, online and offline factors that drive him to make a purchase, among others.

As Professor says, an e-Commerce experience becomes ever more sophisticated when we look ‘behind the scenes’ at the operational demands placed upon businesses in order to satisfy customer expectations and gain as players, competitive advantage.

This is the first of a series of experiments: Mobile & Product Information in Store. My victim: Marks & Spencer.

M&S – Mobile and Store

How much to charge for better content

I just read an interesting article on Paul Graham’s blog. In contrast to what most publishers are preaching, he explains why consumers are reluctant to pay for information.  In fact, consumers never really were paying for content, and publishers weren’t really selling it either. If the content was what they were selling, why has the price of books or music or movies always depended mostly on the format? Why didn’t better content cost more?

We pay the same for a newspaper with 20 pages, to read the best editor’s piece of writing and the article “10 tips to loose your belly.” The content didn’t matter for pricing, so why digital publishers are forcing the transition from free to paid instead of looking other ways to engage the audience and enhance the experience, making it more pleasant, in this manner users would feel the diference: this added value; and the idea of paying wouldn’t be imposed.

In terms of value, is about how much to charge? or how much to add?


UK Music Festivals

I am one of those people that always know about a concert; whether the day when happens or days after when there is nothing I can do. This is me, Martha Tolosa in London.

I used to have a friend that knew everything about music in London, Marisol. My friend knew about dj’s, concerts, venues, she was a social butterfly at that time and I was abreast on Clubs. Then, she went back to her country and didn’t get involve in the party world as before.

Let’s bring an example; I love The Killers, when I came to London in August 2009 they had play last week before I arrived, then they went to Colombia on November, but my return ticket was on December. Naaaaaaa

That means: bands are running away from me. Therefore, this time I said: OK, Martica, you can make it while you do your Masters in London. But doing a Masters is so demanding, geeks do not have time for concerts.

Suddenly in my class “Advanced Social Media” we had to start a Fan Page on Facebook, keep updating and gain the most of followers and activity in the next 3 weeks.

So we started a Fan page for people that want to attend the best venues in UK, the performance of fantastic bands and have a memorable summer. Basically for us. If you feel identified, join the Club too.

We will keep you tune with all the music scene in the UK.

UK MUSIC FESTIVALS on Facebook  http://on.fb.me/ilDyiL

Want to get a free copy of ‘Content Strategy for the Web’?

Don’t get too excited, is not the entire Kristina Halvorson’s book, is just one of its chapters. Specifically Chapter 4: Audit; worth a read.

As the author explains, Content Audit is not about listing URL’s and page titles, is about providing a great amount of useful, enlighten information that can be valuable. Many people skip this part, they think they know what content they have, missing the chance to tailor the information to record and meet their needs.

Get your copy here http://www.contentstrategy.com Continue reading