Is there any privacy on the web?

Is it possible to keeps your thoughts private when you post them on the web? I just discovered it last week when I found Penzy.

It is an online diary that allows you to have own personal journal. The main line says “Write in Private”, so unlike blogging your entries are private by default. It seems like a real contradiction to me, since you put something on the WorldWideWEb, it can be seen by millions of people around the world.

Anyway, Internet keeps bringing new set of tools for us, anyone can become not just a consumer of information, but a publisher, producer and a broadcaster.

There are different ways that online readers are accessing information through digital channels. In my case, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

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Gilligan Vs. Lost

I remember spending the Saturday mornings of my childhood watching Gilligan’s Island. I never realized that you can skip any episode or even part of an episode and still be able to catch the whole plot of the program. The opposite to Lost, the TV show, where episodes typically feature a primary storyline on the island, as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. Well, I missed the 3rd season and then I was completely lost, I wasn’t able to understand why that French woman was in the Island, never did.

Anyway, going back to Gilligan, I never noticed that issue about the plot, not until I watched Cory Doctorow’s video discussing ebook pricing. He remarks that watching Gilligan required zero commitment, in other words, provided users flexibility; they did not have to stick to the show, they could watch part of an episode, go and have breakfast and then come back and they wouldn’t miss anything, they would enjoy it as much as people that have it scheduled.

It is funny to compare 2 completely different shows that have so much in common: both successful, starting in an island, with characters trying to get back to their homes, with fans waiting several seasons and famous across time. Continue reading

Feeding the creatives

If all creatives keep eating the same, it is more probably that ideas end up being similar; and that is a problem.

While doing the list of things that are on my daily food, I realized most of my friends are checking the same sites… yes! all the digital sources and magazines that people in advertising love. The difference I think is what happen after you read it.

Some people just read and some people read and get inspired.

Here is my balanced diet. Feel free to suggest me inspiring sources or invite me for a walk or somewhere, remember that best ideas come on the loo seat.

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Brands must become Publishers

“A brand is what people say about your product, service, or company – when you’re not in the room”, according to John Battelle.

And we know there is a lot of hypocrisy in the world. In fact, a brand is the real conversation people have about your company and its products.

If your brand has a voice can defense by itself, otherwise will remain quiet. Brands have to talk with a Publishing Strategy because they intent communicate a message and that process requires feedback. If they talk to customers, they have to stay there, listen and then answer back.

But when I say publishing some people get confused because there are many media to publish. Actually, Publishing has been changing from printed brochures till Internet. A brand can create a public event to publish itself rather than running an ad on TV. It would be also much cheaper.

For Battele, Publishing means connecting a community through the art and science of communication. I agree but I will omit the words “art and science of”, as I prefer simple sentences and also, the way you communicate is implicit in the process.

There are some brands that not necessarily are selling products, but sacredly talk to you, just like your neighbor stops to say “Good Morning” everyday. This is how they grow and become recognizable.

To bring an example, a friend of mine, Catalina Alba; decided to take a break from advertising by joining some cooking lessons. Since then, started a blog and kept posting everything she was making in class, she explains the recipe that simple that people get the feeling that is easy. And when post those amazing pictures of the final product. Yummy!

People start following her blog and following her twitter too, as she uses the Twitcam to show how simple is to make great food. Now brands are looking for her, actually for the brand she built “Lo que se cocina en esta casa” / “What’s cooking in this house”.

Have a look at her site and learn from a extraordinary friend, creative and chef.


The web is not the enemy

In most of the articles I have read in the last hour, it seem that the fight between Old media and digital publishing has been there for so long. Most of the articles were posted in 2009 and now, in May 2011 is having another go.

Reminds me the classic lecture at University: Is advertising a science or an art? we spent almost 3 classes in a term discussing about it. Just like people like to discuss all the paradoxical questions like First chicken or egg?

People like debating, rather than bringing up solutions. And if 38 people at my class are going to come with a similar answer, I prefer exposing my thoughts for solving the problem.

The newspaper industry wants to go back to the world they enjoyed before the Web, when each newspaper was a small media bundle packed with stories. And Web developers try to create apps to recreate the experience of reading in a device, just to make it as enjoyable as a printed magazine. But readers are expecting more. Continue reading

14 year old kid can blow up your business in his spare time

not because he hates you but because he loves you, then you got a problem.” says Clay Shirky on his blog. Specifically on this article:

One day a brilliant teenager mind created this incredible stuff to share information, just trying to share his favorite author, he spread the word and then BOOM! This changes the future of a business and becomes: The kid Vs. a grown up institution such as the newspaper.

But this not a matter of age. As the author says: “Internet turns 40 this fall. Web use, as a normal part of life for a majority of the developed world, is less than half that age.” It is about experimenting, this is the natural way someone can grow up and learn on his own.

People say Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.Very true. Can 100 bloggers compete with a solid article from a journalist? Don’t think so. People do not care about the format, they care about the content.

I agree with Shirky. We need lots of other ways to strengthen journalism instead.

3 times at week

“You will be required to post to the blog at least three times a week from the start of the module until term ends on 17th June, 2011.”

It was posted today by my Professor at Hult Online.

I think is an interesting topic for a post. Therefore my blog for Digital Publishing will start by listening the public, as part of my inspiration technique. So here it goes:

What sort of things should we do 3 times at week?

I know everyone will be thinking:sex. A valid answer for all dirty minds…anyway, I would like to hear some ideas. Feel free to post. Remember, first to reply, first to win.