What day is it?

We may be losing track of time in quarantine, thinking every day is Groundhog Day, but last Friday was different. It was a beautiful sunny day and the start of a bank holiday weekend. 23 degrees was on the horizon – happy mood, sunny garden, people looking for bbq food (toilet paper is not a priority anymore, thank God!) and the neighbours were ready to celebrate -at a distance of 2m, I know, I know.

On Friday we celebrated VE Day, Victory in Europe Day. I did my quick Google research, before joining the celebration. 75 years ago, the 8th of May 1945 was the day World War Two ended in Europe, a day celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender after almost six years of war.

People went out to celebrate, communities came together to share the moment. Flags and colourful bunting lined the streets of towns and cities across Britain and various events were organised to mark the occasion, including parades, and street parties.

On 2020, VE Day brought me some kind of freedom (even outside the front door), happiness to see other faces, listen to people’s stories, and inspired me to find some victories during these crazy Covid-19 times.

Quarantine is giving us the challenge of multitasking to the extreme, with parents managing to work, babysit and cook at the same time, and also homeschooling or trying to; forcing companies to be more conscious about the planet, to enact positive social initiatives (not only for award entries), allowing employees to be parents during a meeting and seriously considering flexible hours as an option.

Quarantine is giving us time to connect with our families and those we didn’t have the time to call before. This year it was the first time my Colombian family was present when Sofia actually blew out her birthday candles – via video call, but it was so good having all the family together on little screens. Thanks to Cosmic Kids and Joe Wicks, I started exercising indoors with my girls, I watched a live tour of the zoo, took some art lessons, discovered the #OurHousetoYourHouse series from the Royal Opera House, I’ve had a date every Saturday: the family Quiz, started a new book and whatever else fits into the schedule.

In the middle of this madness (as well as far too many g&t and memes) we should celebrate the small victories. This is the time to make changes, to do something new. If you really want to do it, you will always find the time.

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