The future of books

How do you imagine the future of books? Some people say the digital revolution is opening up new opportunities and at the same time threatening some of the players in the publishing industry. Others believe there will be a lot more books – people will just find them differently. I found a video this morning that describes 3 interesting models about it.

1. Nelson is about the impact of the books on people and refers to online discussions, it gives multiple perspectives.
2. Coupland relates key reading materials based on your professional network. Book clubs and reading lists.
3.  Alice, my favorite, it is an interactive reading experience. The readers communicate with the characters and also contribute to the story.

It made me think of that film I watched in the 80’s…“The NeverEnding Story”. At that time I wanted to be Bastian reading in an attic, flying on a luckdragon called Falkor and helping Atreyu. In this case, the reader is meant to be the key to saving Fantasia.

Three decades later, the reader continues to be the key. Maybe to discover the future of books, we don’t need to look ahead, we can just turn back a few pages. What do you think?

The Future of the Book. from IDEO.

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