Is there any privacy on the web?

Is it possible to keeps your thoughts private when you post them on the web? I just discovered it last week when I found Penzy.

It is an online diary that allows you to have own personal journal. The main line says “Write in Private”, so unlike blogging your entries are private by default. It seems like a real contradiction to me, since you put something on the WorldWideWEb, it can be seen by millions of people around the world.

Anyway, Internet keeps bringing new set of tools for us, anyone can become not just a consumer of information, but a publisher, producer and a broadcaster.

There are different ways that online readers are accessing information through digital channels. In my case, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

evidence on his article “How Twitter replaced my RSS reader” why Twitter has quickly become an ideal replacement.

I’m once again ensuring that I have access to news that I may have otherwise missed or taken too long to consume with an RSS reader.

Twitter’s updates are actually ahead of some of the RSS feed updates,  My first news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan came via Facebook an Twitter posts rather than TV news.  In this social media society, people all over the world are connected quickly by the power of 140 characters.

News aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates; aggregators are  websites where headlines are collected and updates information from all the sites you choose, regardless of whether the content is text, music, pictures, or video.
Facebook could be the strongest online subscription option yet. Recently, Facebook’s Malorie Lucich posted to the company’s blog encouraging users set up their Facebook accounts for news reading. Lucich suggested becoming a “fan” of news organizations that publish to Facebook, then adding those connections to a dedicated “list” that only displays updates from news sources. The good thing is that Facebook is a publishing, syndication and subscription platform where the interests of the reader, the publisher and the platform provider are all in sync.
Moreover, there are other media to get news online, these include e-mail,skype, instant messaging or IM, short message service or SMS, video conferencing and Web conferencing. All these can be seamlessly integrated if needed.
People need communication in order to maintain their friend- and relationships, education and businesses. The way we access to it keeps changing, from written communication first emerged through the use of pictographs, paper, papyrus, clay, wax, common alphabets, printing-press, controlled waves and electronic signals; and nowdays RSS aggregators and social Networks.
Pick your favorite and keep updated!

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