The web is not the enemy

In most of the articles I have read in the last hour, it seem that the fight between Old media and digital publishing has been there for so long. Most of the articles were posted in 2009 and now, in May 2011 is having another go.

Reminds me the classic lecture at University: Is advertising a science or an art? we spent almost 3 classes in a term discussing about it. Just like people like to discuss all the paradoxical questions like First chicken or egg?

People like debating, rather than bringing up solutions. And if 38 people at my class are going to come with a similar answer, I prefer exposing my thoughts for solving the problem.

The newspaper industry wants to go back to the world they enjoyed before the Web, when each newspaper was a small media bundle packed with stories. And Web developers try to create apps to recreate the experience of reading in a device, just to make it as enjoyable as a printed magazine. But readers are expecting more.

The challenge is to demonstrate to readers that a digital magazine app can offer more than the printed page — and that the experience can be worth a premium price. For example, Flipboard presents articles alongside relevant social media commentary and allows easy social sharing of content, making the content more engaging and participatory.

What People are expecting from Digital Publishing? Ask yourself.

I expect unpredictable thing. That suddenly you can update the news from the place where you are. From your point of view. Not just making a comment, or placing you in a map with the GPS. But how can you change what is on your hands. Maybe I forgot completely the question and start dreaming and is a personal case.

Although, we just don’t live to absorb other stories and read headlines and front covers. We like to create stories. So how can the media help people to do this?

As Erick Schonfeld says, “Each story stands on its own in a world of atomized content where readers can come from anywhere on the Web, not just the front page”

Now in addition to the front page, there are a million side doors. Reader lock-in is gone. The sooner newspapers get used to that concept, the sooner they can start to adapt and survive.

And if newspapers want to keep its audience and Internet wants its share too, they have to create ways to earn loyalty every day, story by story, post by post.

2 thoughts on “The web is not the enemy

  1. Cristina Dresch says:

    I loved what you mentioned – “People like debating, rather than bringing up solutions.” I agree with that, but we can’t forget that we bring solutions by debating. It’s a natural process, it’s the key for learning and sharing ideas.

    Loyalty, as you mentioned, plays the main role at this. The problem today is that it’s just too easy to change brands, we want to hear that everyone is saying. That’s why aggregators end up being so successul.

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