Lively time

Last summer I went back to Colombia after 4 years. Yes, four years of flight cancellations due to Covid-19. People couldn't believe I hadn't seen my family for such a long time, it sounds mad when I see my British family almost every weekend. I guess technology works in my favour and change is an … Continue reading Lively time

Why I refuse to watch “Narcos”

Because I'm bored. I'm bored of people only relating Colombia to drug trafficking and jungles. Yes... it's a stereotype, yes... most of countries have a stigma...  yes, we had big drug cartels in the 80's and 90's, but there are far more interesting things to know and learn about Colombia. My fellow countrymen and I have had … Continue reading Why I refuse to watch “Narcos”

We say Colombia not Columbia

Today is my country‚Äôs independence day: 20th July (just 4 days after my bday). I decided to tribute my beautiful Colombia by explaining to the world some simple facts: 1. We spell it COLOMBIA [with O not U] 2. Colombia is located in South America, the first country on the left. 3. We speak Spanish … Continue reading We say Colombia not Columbia