Is there any privacy on the web?

Is it possible to keeps your thoughts private when you post them on the web? I just discovered it last week when I found Penzy.

It is an online diary that allows you to have own personal journal. The main line says “Write in Private”, so unlike blogging your entries are private by default. It seems like a real contradiction to me, since you put something on the WorldWideWEb, it can be seen by millions of people around the world.

Anyway, Internet keeps bringing new set of tools for us, anyone can become not just a consumer of information, but a publisher, producer and a broadcaster.

There are different ways that online readers are accessing information through digital channels. In my case, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

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Feeding the creatives

If all creatives keep eating the same, it is more probably that ideas end up being similar; and that is a problem.

While doing the list of things that are on my daily food, I realized most of my friends are checking the same sites… yes! all the digital sources and magazines that people in advertising love. The difference I think is what happen after you read it.

Some people just read and some people read and get inspired.

Here is my balanced diet. Feel free to suggest me inspiring sources or invite me for a walk or somewhere, remember that best ideas come on the loo seat.

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