No need to read to write

I’ve been trying to finish 3 books in order to write something about them. As you can see by my title: I failed. I keep leaving the books in different parts of the house to give them a fair chance. Downstairs is the book about love and funny stories. When I’m upstairs I read random pages of How to be mindful, and every time I take the train I read about the girl from Google. All in equal positions staring at me and screaming: READ ME.

This time I’m not going to blame the World Cup, busy life, lack of concentration, mobile addiction, etc. This time I just have to admit it: some people love reading, but I love writing.

A lot of articles suggest you must read in order to write. I’m not going to argue that reading improves your writing, widens your vocabulary, gets you inspired, keeps your brain in shape, broadens your imagination, gives you knowledge, and even cultivates the theory of mind (the ability to understand that others have beliefs, desires, feelings, and perspectives that are different from ours).

Although, if the goal is to write, then write.

Don’t fall into the trap and become part of the group of people who stare at others’ work delaying their own. I’m sure there is a masterpiece waiting to be written and if I want to be the author I’m not going to make it happen just by reading. I need to spend time with my keyboard or notepad and write, cross, edit and keep writing. As a good friend of mine said: execution.



Escribir sin pensar

Siempre he pensado que uno tiene que pensar antes de hablar pero no antes de escribir. Los mejores escritos salen sin filtro, no tienen razón, no tienen 10 revisiones de texto, ni buscan los temas del momento; no les importa alcanzar la fama, convertirse en un Best Seller o quedar olvidados en una mesa de San Victorino. Los buenos escritos nacen para ser leídos, para contar historias, no entienden de aplausos ni de críticas, no andan esperando un SI y no se desaniman con un NO, simplemente salen del corazón o del cerebro, y  lo mejor, hay para todos los gustos, desde cursis hasta sabiondos.

Este por ejemplo, nace en el día del Blogger Multilingual. Hoy cada Blogger escribe en un lenguage diferente, yo quise hacerle honor a mi idioma Español. Aquel que me enseño la m con la a, seguido de la m con la a, aquel que todos recuerdan con “Nacho lee” aunque a mí nunca me tocó; ese que se desfigura en las calles, con apodos y con el tiempo; y que los extranjeros resumen en tres o cuatro frases “Hola Señorita”, “Cerveza”, “Un, dos, tres, catorce” y “Salud”.

Faltando 10 min. para acabarse el día me pregunto….Cómo se dice Blogger en español? Mmm… creo que esto sólo pasa cuando uno escribe sin pensar.

Linguistic flag of the Spanish language without prehispanic symbols.