The art of overreacting


Yes, I’m one of those annoying people adding lots of vowels and exclamations marks at the end of the words to add some emotion to it. Even when I talk, my eyes and arms recreate the scene. It’s all about making a big issue of everything. Blame all the soap operas that I watched when I was a teenager. I had all the drama on national TV from midday, so when I was back from school, after having my lunch, I was ready to watch another episode of any Colombian, Venezuelan or Mexican soap opera…they were all good and catchy.

My husband said to me last week (and probably the previous one too)… “You do like exaggerating” and I thought -“Me? Martha Lucía Tolosa Orozco? Yes, I do”.

First thing is to admit it.

Second, question the matter. Is it bad or good? Let’s examine it together.

1. We (exaggerators/fabulists, not liars) enjoy simple things and make them extraordinary. The sun becomes that beautiful sunset that I’m going to remember forever, a simple meal becomes the most amazing food I’ve ever tried. A walk in the park becomes the moment that gave new meaning to my life.

2. It becomes poetic as you keep adding adjectives to everything.  Maybe that’s why I ended up in advertising.

3. You become grateful. “Thank you” begins to be part of your life. Saying it or thinking of it, is valid.

1. You are Drama Queen. As the dictionary refers Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion whenever the chance is given. Uh oh, that’s not good.

The thing is overreacting is good when it refers only to you and your actions, not someone’s actions. It’s good to exaggerate when you imagine your next career move, your next house, your next plan. Think big when you are imaging your next business, your next trip, and everything that you want in life. Your goals need to be big and bold, demanding the best you can be, and then there is not regret. Big goal, small steps and get it done.

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