My name is Martha and I am a Tweetaholic

I love Twitter; although, it submerges me in so much information that I end up spending lots of time looking at it each day. It is an endless excuse to find everything… links, opinions, events, new ads, awards, articles, digital news, locations, quotes, jobs, cool stuff and then finding more blogs and respectively more interesting people to follow, so the cycle starts again.

I recently dropped my Blackberry in the toilet therefore I had to spend a week with a phone from the 90’s, not smart but practical. And I have to confess the thing I missed the most about having the information on the go, was checking Twitter anywhere.

I got used to checking it anytime and anywhere, even before my alarm goes off, it provides my first news of the day. Then I read it when I’m waiting for the train and of course when I’m commuting. If a place gets boring, I start checking my friend Twitter.  However, I’m more of a “Sharer” of inspiring links than a person who details every aspect of their life.

Actually, I’m not a Tweetaholic*. If you know how to use Twitter and  the right tools to check and schedule tweets, you can’t become one. So this is my list of tools to help you control your addiction to Twitter: Continue reading