7 tips to become professional at Networking

My first networking event in London was JUMP 2010. My classmates and I got the tickets through our grad school. It was our opportunity to meet professional contacts and to show to the world the first generation of Digital Marketers from Hult. We were so excited about it. We put our best clothes on and we headed to the field.

I remember approaching people, breaking the ice with the classic: “Hi, I’m Martha. Nice to meet you!” supported with a big Colombian smile. People looked at my badge looking for Director, Manager, CEO, President, or who knows. When they found the word “Student”, Fua fua fuaa, they looked disappointed. Continue reading


Veux tu aller à Cannes?

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF) is known in an abbreviated and cool way: Cannes.

It has been the desired Festival for Creatives. We imagine ourselves winning a precious Golden Lion and walking up the red carpet, surrounded by  CEO’s from the biggest agencies in the world asking for your name. Then, imagine yourself feeling the breeze at 5pm… 25 degrees Celsius on the French Riviera… you holding a drink, waiting for the next party taking place at the beach, where you just will have to turn your back to have a chat with one of the big-names in the industry, let’s say David Droga.

I haven’t won a Lion yet, but I keep trying, even to get the little ones. That’s the reason I am competing in Future Lions.

The brief was: “Advertise a product from a global brand in a way that couldn’t have been done five years ago, to an audience of your choosing”.

Me and Nataliya, my friend from Russia at the Masters, decided to work together and create something that we actually wanted to get involved in. This is our first digital experiment. Let’s see if we can make it! Only 5 chosen teams will go on to grace the scarlet carpets of the world-famous Festival of Creativity this coming June.

Fingers crossed!