My first love

Valentine’s day is here and all I can think about is my mum. Sorry for disappointing you if you wanted to hear some teen gossip stories but it’s the truth. Her birthday is today, on the 14th of February. So while people are thinking were to go for dinner tonight and preparing nice surprises for their loved ones, I’m just looking forward to phoning Colombia in few hours to sing Happy birthday!! Despite her complaints about me spending too much time in front of the computer, I feel like writing a post about her, actually about all mothers.

Mothers are amazing human beings, they have an incredibly developed sixth sense. They usually know everything before it happens, when you like someone, when you kiss someone, when you are going to get dumped; trust me – mums are like prophets. When they say “Don’t go” you better listen, because anything can go wrong. Or maybe it’s that we are too susceptible to the power of suggestion.

My mum

My mother is an incredible woman with an artistic soul, she studied architecture but dedicated her life to her family – although she still finds time to create oil paintings regularly. She has woken up every single morning to prepare breakfast for everyone, even when we are leaving early….really early. She taught me how to write and draw beautiful school cardboards, she is the best chef in the world, (you may be thinking your mum is, but you’re wrong) she prepares tasty seafood, soups, colorful salads, all types of rice and natural juices – from elixirs of eternal youth and healthy skin to medicines that keep colestherol in control. She tried to teach me how to cook but unfortunately I never made it to the lessons. So here I am telling you 5 reasons why you should listen your mum more.

1. She is not in advertising so will give you a real point of view.

2. She’ll keep your feet on the ground; if you ever become famous, talk to her even more often – her advice is like gravity.

3. Rather than talking about herself, she will be willing to hear about you. She doesn’t know the words selfish or ego.

4. If you listen, she wont have a chance to say the ugly sentence “I told you so”.

5. You love her, full stop.

By the way, if you want to say happy birthday to my mum, feel free to leave a comment. Her name is Ludys, not Louis, no Luis, it’s Ludys, with d.