Predictions for E-commerce, virtual and real money

I just found this assignment that I did a couple of months ago. We had to write a news feature in a journalistic style for possible inclusion in Internet Retailing‘s newsletter. Time passed and I never knew if any of my classmates got the glory and had the article published. Anyway the good part of having my blog is that I can make my assigments  famous here too. I hope you enjoy it.

E-commerce has become an important topic for digital marketers and primarily, retailers.  It has emerged as the most promising industry at global levels, heading towards $1 Trillion; the U.S. and Europe remain as the main contributors into global Ecommerce sales figure. However, latest trends indicate that the Asia Pacific market is holding the key of future business.

You can’t help but wonder what 2011 will usher in for Ecommerce, what will be the next big thing, the emergence of a new method of paying online? What do people derive the most enjoyment from doing: shopping online for real goods, or buying virtual goods for them to utilise in games? Continue reading