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“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles.
Facebook the world’s most popular media owner creates no content.

Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory.

Airbnb the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. 

Something interesting is happening.”

Tom Goodwin in TechCrunch, March 2015. 


My secret friend

I’m going to tell you a secret. About one of the youngest souls I’ve ever met. Back in the day, almost a decade ago, before I joined the Monk family. Not many people trusted the Colombian dating Daniel Monk. They knew I was quiet and smiley at Sunday lunches (my two or three hours of intensive English, trying to catch up with all the members of the family) They knew I was studying English and working at cafes, restaurants, bars and various roles during my leap year from advertising. Some of them never understood a word of what I said because of my accent, others welcomed me with a smile and a pint of beer 🙂 But everything went wrong when we decided to get married in Colombia ah oh! Just a few months after the proposal, it was the Battle of Hastlings! Although, after living in the UK, I understand now why Dan’s family got upset with the sudden news as British people plan everything a long way in advance. At that time, I was thinking of love, a wedding on the beach, a great goodbye to my family in Colombia and happiness.

Despite all the circumstances there was one person that accepted me from the first day. She knew her grandson was happy and that was enough.

She was the most modern Granny I’ve known, back in 2009 she was using email, ebay, facebook and everything to keep in touch with her family. Wherever we were, she was the childish one in the room, doing silly things and making people laugh. I think that’s why we became good friends as I deny the fact that we need to grow up! Therefore we started gossiping online, asking how Monday was going?… asking about the wedding planning?…  I told her it was going to be a hot day and this was her reply:

As far as your dress is concerned, if it is going to be that hot I suggest you have a nudist wedding !

We kept sending funny attachments, having tea rooms in our emails and sometimes secret Pentagon communications. I was just talking about life and she was teaching me old English sayings: (to name a few)

Straight from the horses mouth

It will all come out in the wash

She was wise and also beautiful, always looking elegant but never showing off. She married the most handsome British guy I’ve seen in pictures (probably shouldn’t say this on the post :P) and looked after her family as her treasure. When the Monks adopted the Colombian, she became my angel in the UK (as my mother used to say)

My secret friend was bilingual as well. Every time my Mum came from Colombia, there she was inviting us to try her specialities at home and speaking the few Spanish sentences that she had learnt. She made an effort, yes, she was always going the extra mile with everything and that’s what makes her special.

I have read the emails we used to exchange again, it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. Not in that same order.

Well Martica the time has come !!  We have sent your future husband to you and are entrusting him into your care.
He is very precious to us so make sure you take care of him which I am sure you will do !!

We love you too and wish you all the happiness in the world. !!

I do hope the baby does not kick too much on the wedding day. lol


I can copy and paste loooots of our emails, so you could imagine or remember who she was, but that’s not the agreement. A secret friend listens to you and keeps all your stories in a secret place, tries to understand and sometimes gives you advice, making you stronger, making you better.

I remember her today, on the 14th of July, on her birthday. Her name is Betty and she will always be my secret friend.

Maybe this is the saddest article I have ever written. Sometimes sad beginnings lead to something good.



1st of May or 1st of Jan

This week I met someone that has come to London for the first time. You would love seeing his eyes, his joy, energy, talking to people, looking around, not missing any detail. It reminded me of when I came to London back in 2006 (a looooong time ago, so don’t you dare to ask my age jaja) and also reminded me of the beginning of the year when our heads have plenty of plans, wishes and positivity. It’s all about novelty and starting from scratch. That fully recharges our minds, “This is going to be my year!” And if everyone was thinking the same this will be the year of millions of people.

May is starting today, yes, the fifth month is coming and yes, time flies. Straight to the point, have you accomplish any of your New Year’s  resolutions? Apart from dry January? Go back to your list, or create a new one. Imagine today is the 1st of January and you can do whatever you aim for. Here is my list:

1.  Start writing this Blog again, as this site seems to be abandoned, so I’ll tidy up the place and will give it a new look. Fresh start, even a new haircut for me, why not!

2. Read more. Not just from my mobile, this time I want to read a proper book. My husband reads a lot so he will be my benchmark. Any book suggestions? Feel free to send me some in the comments.

3. Keep the list short to make it happen.

Lastly, go back in time by watching this ad from Virgin. It can be your trigger.


Friday song

I usually have a song stuck in my head every day. A lot of times is annoying because they are dreadful. Today for a change, I’m happy with my song, All is not lost by the American band OK Go. Their music and videos are great!

I discovered today their Global gallery and created a video dance message, you can create your own here.

I also researched ‘why do songs get stuck in your head’ and there are many theories, Experts say earworms are the ones to blame, they are not actually parasites, is a way to called the phenomenon when music get lodged in your head and cause a sort of “cognitive itch” or “brain itch”; like mosquito bites, the more you scratch the more you itch. Others suggest, is simply a way to keep the brain busy when it’s idling.

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