1st of May or 1st of Jan

This week I met someone that has come to London for the first time. You would love seeing his eyes, his joy, energy, talking to people, looking around, not missing any detail. It reminded me of when I came to London back in 2006 (a looooong time ago, so don’t you dare to ask my age jaja) and also reminded me of the beginning of the year when our heads have plenty of plans, wishes and positivity. It’s all about novelty and starting from scratch. That fully recharges our minds, “This is going to be my year!” And if everyone was thinking the same this will be the year of millions of people.

May is starting today, yes, the fifth month is coming and yes, time flies. Straight to the point, have you accomplish any of your New Year’s  resolutions? Apart from dry January? Go back to your list, or create a new one. Imagine today is the 1st of January and you can do whatever you aim for. Here is my list:

1.  Start writing this Blog again, as this site seems to be abandoned, so I’ll tidy up the place and will give it a new look. Fresh start, even a new haircut for me, why not!

2. Read more. Not just from my mobile, this time I want to read a proper book. My husband reads a lot so he will be my benchmark. Any book suggestions? Feel free to send me some in the comments.

3. Keep the list short to make it happen.

Lastly, go back in time by watching this ad from Virgin. It can be your trigger.


Type R

I can’t stop watching this fantastic video: “The other side” by Honda. It makes a difference how instead of using split screen storytelling, it shows you one side at a time by playing with your curiosity. Here the viewer is in control and YouTube is taking another level. Let me know how many times you press R.

And I know I haven’t been writing for a while. It’s not fare having a Blog that only shares videos so I promise I will be back to my writing side.

3 spare hours

Few weeks ago I started an online course called “The secret power of brands“. It was my first experience with distance learning education as I previously wasn’t keen on it as I prefer face to face interaction – also I am easily distracted. But 3 factors persuaded me to try it:

1. The tutor. Robert Jones, works at Wolff Olins as an Strategist. The brand consultancy approach and work are very inspiring. To give you an example, they reinvented the category when working with Orange, making a mobile phone network talking about people and optimism. As they said “We gave the network the name of a colour, not a technospeak name”. They didn’t have a special technological advantage, so they created a brand that had nothing to do with technology, and everything to do with simplicity. I used to love its slogan The future’s bright. For me it was a brand talking to humans and behaving like one of us. But that was back in 2008, now Orange and T-mobile have merged into EE and that’s the case for another post.

Wolff Olins


 2. What I saw. I read an accurate and concise description and I saw a clean website. Future Learn has a modern, simple and user-friendly platform.

3. Time. 3 hours per week for 6 weeks, that’s it. Unlike long-distance relationships, distance learning didn’t require a big commitment.

So far, I find it very interesting. There were some quotes in the first week that I would like to share or post somewhere so I don’t forget.

It’s better to think of brand not as cause, but as effect. Doing the right things will create growth, and a strong brand will follow as the effect.

‘User’ doesn’t just mean consumer, but also colleague, neighbor, investor, supplier, partner.

The high-growth businesses of the future will all be, at heart, purposeful. And purpose is the source of value-creativity.

Experiences aren’t things you create and then transmit to people – they’re things people shape for themselves.

If you have 3 spare hours per week, and don’t have any Breaking Bad episode or soap opera in the queue, I recommend you to join the class.


“If you love something…”
I’ve heard this sentence since I was about 15. People use it a lot.
We used it when we are dumped, when we are in love with someone and that someone is in love with someone else and the chain continues…and in every cheesy moment that you can think of. That’s how we burnt out a sentence and became it obsolete.
Until someone found a new insight into it. Thanks Miguel & Theo. Beautiful.

Paris is not just about love

I always thought Paris was the city of love – films and perfume adverts planted that idea in my mind. However, when you travel there with a friend, it may change your view.  Instead of romantic cafes we walked to local shops and took food on the go, we didn’t go up to the Eiffel Tower – just took the classic picture with the tower in the background, we didn’t speak any French so we spent 15 minutes trying to get a ticket for the metro in English, Spanish, Italian, even a bit of Latin and miming. We didn’t get a French kiss, instead we met friends from Canada, Mexico, and the US. My suitcase lost a wheel and my friend laughed non-stop, I left my hair curly for the first time – forgetting all the style and couture. That was the Paris that we found, with lots of fun and highlights that are not advertised by tour guides.

Stories are waiting


#wheninParis #wheninParis #wheninParis

Friday song

I usually have a song stuck in my head every day. A lot of times is annoying because they are dreadful. Today for a change, I’m happy with my song, All is not lost by the American band OK Go. Their music and videos are great!

I discovered today their Global gallery and created a video dance message, you can create your own here.

I also researched ‘why do songs get stuck in your head’ and there are many theories, Experts say earworms are the ones to blame, they are not actually parasites, is a way to called the phenomenon when music get lodged in your head and cause a sort of “cognitive itch” or “brain itch”; like mosquito bites, the more you scratch the more you itch. Others suggest, is simply a way to keep the brain busy when it’s idling.

a bailar

Be a Tourist

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Clare Guilloton, a French girl that moved to Colombia almost a year ago and started Monita in Bogotá – an amazing blog where she appreciates all the bits of design she finds in every day of Colombian life. The beauty in a hammock, a coffee crop, our traditional hats, a fair, a rustic bus…the design in many things that surround us but unfortunately we locals, don’t appreciate as they become everyday things.

I was surprised by the fact that a foreigner made me discover the beauty of my country, in pictures and patterns. I have borrowed some bits to show you, but you should have a proper look at her blog. She is very talented Graphic Designer and her pics so far are great.



Frequently visitors find things that locals don’t have any idea existed. To mention a few, my UK family  has never been in some spots I have; I’m not sure if Margate is a good example for a beach day or Blackpool for a night out, but blame it on the ticket seller. Anyway, getting back on topic, apart from helping the economy and becoming ambassadors of our countries, tourists can teach us a lot (clarifying, good tourists). Let’s see how:

  • They have a different perspective and see things that others can’t (I will give you a hint, it’s not dead people).
  • Tourists walk at the right pace, They don’t go like robots, they are constant observers, appreciating every detail and finding beauty in cute little streets or horrible crowded places.
  • They immerse themselves in the destination, trying the local food, talking to people, learning about the culture.
  • They have a plan, even when they try to be “spontaneous” they accomplish their goals within tight deadlines.
  • Tourists have never ending energy, they don’t rest until they have ticked all the boxes in the map/list.
  • They have the best attitude towards bad moments, they don’t go back home and cry, no no no! they go back home and peddle how they dealt with the unexpected, or how that event became the best part of their holiday, sometimes they assume “it was meant to happen”.
  • Good tourists are always welcome. See you soon Clare! 🙂