On 2011, I discovered a group on Linkedin called WFCD – World Female Creative Directors – they have a website called connecting their community with famous Creative Directors around the globe.

I wanted to write an article for them, but all the time I was delaying the task. Because I was busy with assignments…because I was looking for jobs…because I went out…because every time there was an excuse. And I can tell you, there are thousands of things stopping us from doing what we want.

Suddenly on my way to Barcelona for a week’s holiday, I remembered that I had to send this email to AdWomen -“Oh yes… I just remembered when I didn’t have any computer or Internet to work on”-  Somehow that idea never left my mind during the holiday, therefore, as soon as I came back to London I sat at my desk until I had written a decent article for them. When I finished it, I read it thoroughly and changed my mind. Oooops! It looked like an article written by a WFCD and I wasn’t one of them yet. So instead, I decided to tell a different story, one of those experiences that people prefer not to mention in a job interview, not even to colleagues. What I call “Unsuccessful stories trying to get to the top”, you may have a couple, I know, everyone does.

Added to this, I proposed to them that I write an article every week, talking about the journey to become a Creative Director. The good news is that they liked it! And instead of just writing an article, I ended up joining the team.

Click on the pics and read my bio and some of my articles. The first one is my favorite.

Picture 7

Picture 15

Ad Women - Martha Tolosa - Riots London


Ad Women - Martha Tolosa - Portfolio adviceAd Women - Martha Tolosa - ChocolateAd Women - Martha Tolosa - First Ad WomanAd Women - Martha Tolosa - Nicky BullardAd Women - Martha Tolosa - Chairs

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