“Crazy times… this year has been crazy… the world is crazy… news are  crazy”, I’ve been hearing the word crazy so many times in 2020 [in the wrong way] so I want to take ‘crazy’ back to the good crazy. People say if you need to say you are funny it is because you aren’t. The same applies to ‘crazy’ I guess. When I was younger if someone referred to me as ‘crazy’ I would have blushed with embarrassment, turning purple and thinking of ways to fit back in the crowd. Thank God, I grew up (in some ways) and realized crazy is good. Google defines crazy as mad and extremely enthusiastic, which I like. Although, to me, crazy means having the guts to have a different opinion and stand for it (always respecting others an understanding we all different because that’s our greatness). Crazy means believing in yourself without anyone cheering by your side, being able to transform a regular day into the best day, being brave every time you start something and every time you fail, being crazy enough to chase your dreams by helping someone else’s. I like the idea of seeing more crazy ones out there, more people thinking this is not the end of the world, just a chance to change the meaning of crazy. Thanks Nike for reminder.

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